Can you leave anytime while playing poker?

There are several rules in poker online to ensure a smooth gambling experience for their players. This might make people wonder if there might be such rules for leaving the game. The shortest answer to this question would be a no. You can leave the poker game anytime you want, even after playing just one hand. But, there happens to be certain etiquette that high-level players follow in order to exit the game gracefully.

How to Exit Like a Pro?

It is hard to sit still for long, especially for us humans. There are numerous things we need to do in between things. It is especially frowned upon when the player just leaves after winning a big pot. This goes against online poker game etiquette, and this act is referred to as “Hit and Run”. In cash games, the generally accepted exits are either at the end of a hand or during a break. In such situations, it is considered polite to give the people you are leaving a heads-up. Just like we excuse ourselves from our friends and colleagues, you can give a “round” warning in poker.

A round warning is basically informing the table that when the deal gets back to you, you would leave. In simpler terms, it would be your last round. It is better to communicate with the dealer or the tournament director in case of a tournament to avoid misunderstandings and confusion. A head’s up will give them time to arrange the chips accordingly and ensure that you receive all the prize money that you are deserving of.

Some Tips for an Early Exit

  • Plan Ahead: To avoid any delays or disruption in the game, you would need to plan ahead and inform the table at your earliest convenience.
  • Wait for a Break: If your situation allows you, try to wait for a break in the game. This will prevent any disruptions and allow the other players time to adjust to the changes.
  • Be Polite: Thank your fellow opponents and also the dealer for the online poker game. This will help you make a good impression with the table and in turn, will make it easier to rejoin them in future gaming rounds.
  • Settle Things: In case of a cash game, settle everything before you make your exit to ensure that everybody gets paid what they are due, including you.
  • Avoid Getting Heated: Do not create a scene before exiting. Avoid getting into heated arguments with other players or causing any unnecessary drama. This might lead to a permanent ban from the casino, and you will be left playing the kind of online poker free of prize money.


Poker is not just a game of thrill but also etiquette. Even though there are no spoken rules holding us back from exiting the poker online games any way we like it, it is only humane to at least try to be polite with our exit. You would not want someone to disrupt your gameplay in which you have invested your hard-earned money, so try not to do it to others as well.

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